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Peter Finn Educational Award Fund Eligibility Criteria - Printable Copy ADOBE

The Peter Finn Bursary Fund was established to provide modest recognition to students in College or University programs in Building Construction related programs. The fund has offered a cumulative amount of up to $2000 per year upon application to the association. The monies have been distributed by the respective educational institution to the individual or individuals of their choice. Ryerson University and Conestoga College have participated in this program.

The Board of Directors has asked that eligibility criteria be developed for the distribution of the yearly bursary funding.

General Discussion
The OBOA is a self-governing, not-for-profit professional association committed to maintaining the highest degree of professionalism in the field of building inspection, code administration and building safety. As well, through its committee work, training and education services, the Association continues to promote both uniform enforcement and code interpretation across the Province. The Association is committed to maintaining a strong relationship with its current affiliations while actively pursuing other partnerships to the benefit of all members.

The OBOA is a professional educational establishment recognized by both the Federal and Provincial Governments for the delivery of courses leading to the certification of its members.
Criteria for any association funding to educational programs should align with the above statements and acknowledge outstanding participants in training programs that prepare individuals for a future in the field of Code Administration and Enforcement. 

The fund is an ‘Award’ fund and not really a bursary, therefore I suggest that the fund be named the “Peter Finn Educational Award” fund.

In order to allow institutions the ability to alter or upgrade current programs, the fund as proposed is to become effective for the 2009 – 2010 scholastic year.

Eligible candidates for the award fund must:

  • be full time students in a two or three year technology, engineering or Code Administration program
  • successfully complete the final year of the program
  • graduate in the top 3 in their class
  • demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in building code knowledge

    The successful candidate/s will be selected by the educational institution from individuals meeting the forgoing criteria.

    Michael Ludolf Award
    As part of the Peter Finn Award fund, the ‘Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree - Construction and Environment - Regulations & Compliance’ degree program, developed with the participation of the Ontario Building Officials Association, shall be offered an award in the amount of $ 750 to be known as the ‘Michael Ludolf Award’ that may be awarded to a student of that program upon a written request submitted to the Immediate Past President prior to November 1 of any year for inclusion on the Board Agenda at the November/December Board of Directors’ Meeting.

    Other individual awards will be a minimum of $ 300 to a maximum of $ 500 per candidate in ‘non-degree programs and up to a maximum of $ 750 for a ‘degree’ program. Any one institution may be awarded up to a maximum of $ 1000/year. Applications for award funding for a program will be reviewed by the Immediate Past President based on a first come basis, all applications may not be approved for funding. The Immediate Past President’s recommendations will be subject to Board approval.

    Educational institutions desiring to participate in the program will submit an application to the office of the association prior to November 1 of any year for inclusion on the Board Agenda at the November/December Board of Directors’ Meeting. The application will identify the general program content, and specifically, provide detail as to Building Code content related to Code Administration and Enforcement based on the syllabi for the respective examinations, as found on MMAH’s website

    Educational Institutions will be informed in writing of the Board of Directors decision prior to the end of the calendar year.

    Priority will be given to programs that meet all other criteria identified herein and were developed in conjunction with the Association. 

    Eligibility requirements will be reviewed on an annual or bi-annual basis as needed and adjusted as the Board of Directors deems appropriate.