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CCMC MgO Board Advisory

CCMC was recently made aware of premature failures in other countries of some magnesium oxide (MgO) boards.  Due to the increased use of MgO boards in Canada, and CCMC’s role in support of Canada’s Building Officials, Provincial/Territorial Governments and... (read more)

OBOA/CSA COI, Communities

With the recent delivery of communication announcing the OBOA/CSA COI, Communities of Interest space, we would like to encourage our membership to join the newly created online community. By joining the OBOA Space on the CSA Communities of Interest,... (read more)

AMTS - Huntsville Delegate Registration

Anyone attending the AMTS that participates in Conference events must register. The AMTS Offers the unique opportunity to gain exposure, show support and build relationships with public sector representatives, both elected officials and Chief Building Officials, ... (read more)

Benefits of Web-Based Training

Learners can participate anytime, from anywhere.

Web-based training is anywhere, any-time instruction delivered over the Internet to browser-equipped learners. Web-based instruction is the perfect solution to meeting the needs... (read more)

What OBOA Courses can do for you.

Benefit from OBOA courses, Industry Skills and member services

OBOA has noticed an influx of skilled trade’s people with plenty of construction skills making a career change to provide safe and efficient construction.
It seems that those wi... (read more)